The park is on 3/5 of an acre of the NE corner of the church property. The trees forming the perimeter were planted in 2003. The patio, approximately 1600 square feet can be seen in the top right in brown.The memorial wall forms the northeast border of the patio and is 8' x 64'. There are provisions for large temporary tents to be in place for events.

Why St. Ludmila?

Vratislav, Duke of Bohemia and a Catholic, married Drahomira, who for practical purposes was a pagan. Because Vratislav had a deep faith, he took his young son, Wenceslaus, at an early age to his own mother, Ludmila, to be educated in the Catholic faith. The statue we will have in our park next to the church is of St. Ludmila teaching her grandson, Wenceslaus, from the Bible. Close up of Ludmila and Wenceslaus

The symbolism here is that much like Ludmila took Wenceslaus in as a child and nurtured him, the reverse took place in a sense, 1000 years later.  In 1915 a mission called St. Ludmila, was opened for the convenience of those living on the west side and a great distance from the mother church, St. Wenceslaus.

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Statue is Placed - Aug 20, 2005

Czech Heritage Park -

Ground Breaking - May 26, 2005

Statue is Placed Aug 20, 2005

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St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church