St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church

                A CZECH NATIONAL PARISH       

March 2010

These words can be found elsewhere on our flood recovery pages but again it is so true. Out of adversity comes opportunity has been played out countless times since the flood.  In the midst of this disaster we have been truly blessed to have been able to work with many, many
volunteers who have stepped up and made a difference in this flood recovery. The latest example of this was a crew of 26 Notre Dame University students who donated their spring break and mad the 5 hour trip to Cedar Rapids to help us out. This is the fourth time Notre Dame students have come to Cedar Rapids to help us out; a truly remarkable witness!

                                Part of the crew worked here in the gym building and the others worked on 9th St NW as part of the
                                BLOCK BY BLOCK effort.
                                Thank you to everyone involved for organizing this . Thank you to Regis Middle School for hosting
                                the crew and to the volunteers who coordinated all aspects of this week.
                                Parishes served dinner each night for the students;
                                        Monday-            St Patrick's-Fairfax    dinner held at St Wenceslaus
                                        Tuesday-           St Patrick's-CR           dinner held at Regis
                                        Wednesday-      Immaculate Conception - dinner held at St Wenceslaus
                                        Thursday -         St Joseph    

Flood 2008

May 2009 -June 2011 rebuild

June 6-11 -
4 volunteers from Franciscan Common Venture out of Dubuque became the first flood recovery volunteers  for St Wenceslaus to house. Sr Mary hosted the two women in the rectory while the two men stayed in an upstairs room in the gym building. The crew worked as part of the Block by Block effort in the Ellis Blvd/Time Check area. They painted, did landscaping and planted trees in Time Check Park. Dinners were provided by Sr Mary, and volunteers from Immaculate Conception, St Elizabeth Ann Seaton and St Wenceslaus.                        
Thank you for coming to Cedar Rapids to help us with flood recovery!