Czech Heritage Park


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The centerpiece of the park, the St. Ludmila Scuptural Group arrived in Cedar Rapids August 16. Work was done in the Czech Republic by Jan Kotek. The statue is the exact same dimensions as the one pictured below left in Prague.


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Statue is placed August 20

How can you be a part of Czech Heritage Park?

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The memorial wall provides people an opportunity to honor loved ones. Each panel is 32" x 56". The wall is 8' tall, consisting of 8 panels, each with the capacity for 108 names. The top of each panel is 6'4" from the ground and the bottom of each panel is 20" above the ground.


Below is a portion of one panel in the Memorial Wall. One line consisting of up to 36 characters is available for a contribution of $250. Many families can trace their connections to our parish 3 and 4 generations. There is a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting tribute to your family by including several generations and family members, to in a sense, have a permanent family tree on the memorial wall.

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Another opportunity is to have names engraved across the planter. Each section of the planter measures 48". Lettering is engraved in the 5 1/2 " tall concrete trim at the top of the planter. Contributors have 40" for their inscription which allows for 36 characters (including spaces) in 1 1/2 " Times Roman font. All the planters in the park have contributors.


There are 16 benches around the perimeter of the plaza of the park; they all have sponsors.

The crowning jewel to this project will be the man, King Wenceslaus on his horse, a replica of the statue in Wenceslaus Square in Prague. This statue will be the focal point of ourown St. Wenceslaus Square in the front of our church. As the area redevelops, the boulevard and square will be a development magnet attracting various shops and businesses.

For more information on any aspects of the St. Wenceslaus Park project :
Contact Our Parish or call Dave Martin at (319)-362-8061 ext. 202

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