St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church

                A CZECH NATIONAL PARISH       

Bottom row, left to right: HOSTYN, a shrine in Czechoslavakia honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary and the hometown of Father Joseph Bata who was an assistant pastor at St.Wenceslaus 1913-15;

OLOMOUC, seminary where Monsignor August Vojacek was ordained;

LEVY HRADEC, home Church 
of Blessed Agnes;

HRADCANY, (or palace) and Charles Bridge, famous bridge of statues in Prague, the site of the graves of Sts. Wenceslaus and Ludmilla  and Vitus, the castle, and the seat of original government

On the ceiling, round paintings of the Gospel writers;

Top- St John, St Luke

Bottom: St Matthew, St Mark

Far left:

These windows depict holy people, saints especially revered by the Czechs:
1) St. Cyril, monk and apostle to the Slavic 
2) St. Methodius, priest and bishop
3) St. Adalbert of the Holy German Empire
4) St. Ludmila, Wenceslaus' grandmother
    (note the palm of martyrdom)
5) a very young St. Agnes of Rome, 
     martyred  for her Christian faith
6) St. Jhn Nepomuk, (1330-1393), was 
    bound in chains and thrown into the Vltava River when he refused to reveal the 
    confession of Queen Sophia to her husband, King Wenceslaus the Fourth, who suspected his queen of infidelity.

Top left: The painting above the Blessed Virgin's altar is Wenceslaus being killed by his twin brother Boleslav and other henchmen, on the steps of the church where Wenceslaus was going for early Mass.

Top center:The painting of St. Wenceslaus and two pages preparing bread and wine for the holy sacrifice of the Mass. According to tradition, St. Wenceslaus was so devoted to the Mass and to Holy Communion that he raised the wheat and grapes and prepared the bread and wine himself.

Bottom left: The painting on the ceiling to the left of the High Altar shows Good King Wenceslaus on the Feast of St. Stephen (December 26) carrying supplies to the poor, old beggar. Recall the Christmas carol about this: "Good King Wenceslaus look'd out...on the Feast of Stephen."


Stained glass window of the crucifixion of Jesus


Stained glass window of the Resurrection

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Top right: The painting above St. Joseph's altar is of Radislav, a chieftain who rebelled against King Wenceslaus. After seeing a vision of an angel, he knelt in submission and obedience.

Bottom right: The stained-glass window above the center altar depicts King Wenceslaus
prepared to defend his people and his country.

Top row, left to right: SVATA HORA, (The Holy Mount), the site of a shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary;

 VELEHRAD, where Sts. Cyril and Methodius started their missionary work in Czechoslovakia;

BUDEC, St. Wenceslaus attended 
school here as a child;

CHLUMEK, a place of pilgrimage.