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Remember The Redhawks Fight Song?*

Cheer, cheer for old Saint Wence High!
Shout all her praises up to the sky.
We're behind you day and night,
Fight for your colors, red and white.
C'mon you Redhawks, sail right on through.
Our Alma Mater stands back of you.
Rah, let's win this game tonight!
Yea, Redhawks c'mon and fight!

*Sing to the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March.
Courtesy of Carol Hansen Emerson, Cheerleader, Class of 1952.

The Alumni Association Annual Reunion

An active alumni group called "The St. Wenceslaus Alumni Association" sponsors an annual all-class reunion each year. The class celebrating its 50th year graduation anniversary is especially honored.

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Oct 11, 2015

Oct 2, 2011
Oct 3, 2010

Oct 4, 2009
Sept. 30, 2007
Sept. 24, 2006
Oct. 3, 2004

Reunion 2008 - Sunday, September 28

St. Ludmila School

The members of the St. Wenceslaus Alumni Association wish to express our sorrow to each and everyone who has been affected by this damaging flood of 2008. Words can not express the grief we all feel and the impact this flood has had and will continue to have in the days and months to come.

The Cedar River has taken a toll on our great city and our Beloved St. Wenceslaus Church. The high school and the gym suffered damage also. The restoration will be monumental and will require a great deal of effort on the part of many.

We are very grateful to Dave Martin and his family who wisely removed the photos of all our pastors, the vocation pictures, the panel display of all the graduates, all the trophies, and all other photos and paintings and other items from Chihak hall before the flooding. All the historical artifacts are safe as well. Thank you to all who helped and continue to help with this enormous task.

We are also very grateful for all the "Special" prayers that are being said for those who have been affected by the flood. The long hours that the police, fire department, FEMA, Red Cross, National Guard,  City of Cedar Rapids, Catholic Charities and others have worked  is unbelievable. Thanks too to the countless volunteers from  Cedar Rapids and  other cities and states.

People do care and we will survive. We will continue to pray for everyone.


St. Wenceslaus Alumni Association

The association has gathered a large number of artifacts - class pictures, athletic team pictures, trophies, letter sweaters,
pictures of all the parish pastors and assistant pastors, the nuns who taught at the schools, and alumni who went on to the
religious vocation. All are displayed in Chihak Hall, located in the basement of the church.
A newsletter, aptly titled "The REDHAWK", is published two or three times a year. It publishes the reunion schedule, special news about alumni and school friends, and an obituary list.

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