St Wenceslaus Catholic Church

                A CZECH NATIONAL PARISH       

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           Goulash  Day  Committee                            
Chairperson              Diane Drahos                 363-1775                      

Co-chair                    Pat Mooney                    362-9557                      

Secretary                  Patti Jansa                     360-2798

Treasurer                 Jim Piersall                    362-9046

Advertising               Anne Donohue               361-4811

Bands                       Dave Martin                   573-8155

Bingo                        Jim Zachar                    3890008                                                                                                                        

                                 Kory Kazimour                364-6337

Bingo Food               Judy Willman                 395-9480

                                 George DuCharme             362-4101   

Cashiers                    Anne & Paul                      361-4811

Chances- day of event    Mary Lou Cook             364-4449             

Country Store                Alan Smejkal                 396-8082                      

Flour Browning             Julie Wiedner                 247-0359

Games                            XXXXXX                                        

Goulash Cooking/Delivery   David Wiedner         247-0359

Kitchen & Dining Room          XXXXXX

Kolache Baking             St. Monica’s Circle          362-9761 (Ruth Marling) 

Kolache Sales                Julie Wiedner                 247-0359

Last Chance drawings    Mary Lou Cook             364-4449

Money                           Dwayne May                  363-3860

                                      Jim Piersall                     362-9046

Outside Food                 Chris Mooney                362-9557

Quilt Raffle                    Elaine Boes                    848-6052

Raffle Tickets                 Theresa Ruzicka           363-3043

Signage on property      Dave Martin                    573-8155             

Vegetable Cleaning        Marge Jansa                             848-7227

Yard Signs                                 parishioners                         

Graduate Recognition May 1;

Skylar DeCamp & Jack Soukup


G O U L A S H      DAY      2016

May Crowning - May 1.


St. Wenceslaus Quilters group are again providing a quilt.
Hawkeye and Cyclone fans, get ready to proudly display your colors! This year's Goulash Day quilt raffle features two lap quilts, one each using the Iowa and Iowa State colors and mascots. (Apologies to the UNI backers, but the university has not released permission to produce fabrics using theirs.)

Quilts are 56” x 68” and reversible using a technique called "ragging." One side is 100 % cotton and the other flannel making them bright and cozy. When chances are purchased, you will drop yours into either the Cyclone or Hawkeye container. A name will be drawn from each and two winners will claim the quilt they chose. A coordinating pillowcase will also be included. 
Buy chances for $1 each after Masses starting Aug 20. Don’t miss this opportunity!

                       *Please contact Elaine Boes– 848-6052 if you can help them out with selling chances.

             * Consider taking a poster and raffle tickets to your place of business or asking someone to do this.

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Sponsors needed:

We have 3 bands play at Goulash Day. If you would like to sponsor one please contact the parish office